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Interment Service Plan Tagum

  Avail now of our package:


  • Five Hundred  Pesos (P500.00) monthly for Five (5) years.

  • No interest, no surcharge, and no penalties.

  • If service will be used before the total contract price is paid in full and within the abovementioned Payment Terms, pay only the balance of the prevailing interment service fee.

  • Package is applicable to new interment on weekdays. Over time rates for interment on weekends and holidays shall be billed and paid separately.

  • Transferrable to other fully-paid lots within Orchard Road Memorial Park Tagum only.


   Package Inclusions:


                   6  Tents (Size 4m x 4m)                                          Sound system

                   100 Chairs (w/skirting)                                               Microphone and Rostrum

                    Vault (size 1m x 2.44m)                                             Carpet            

                    Marble Marker (2.5” Thick with Engraving)            Water Dispenser         

                    Digging                                                                        Interment Crew Services


   ***Applicable only for Orchard Road Memorial Park Tagum buyers.

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